Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If i could do anything in the world..

The first thing that pops out of my head is that I would become a super hero who works for the justice like superman or batman. I would get rid of every single evil things existing on the planet. It might sound a bit childish but I am still used to imagine myself to become invincible so that no one could even think of standing up against me. But that doesn't mean that I am up for fighting anyone who resists to me but there should be a proper reason why I give punishment to them. If i was on the verge of judging if it's rightful, I would take the decision made by majority into consideration.

The one that I would like to get rid of most is Kim Jung il. He has been the representative of north korea for guite a long time. And his presence is the only reason why korea has been divided into two parts. Besides , I feel sympathy for my brethren suffering from famine or being given away their whole life to an axis of evil. I am ready to assassinate him right now, if i were gifted as being overwhelmingly strong.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coffee?... Heart disease?

Whoever sees this article showing the consequences of taking a cup of coffee or two a day helps prevent from heart disease would be surprised. Recently, there was a study trying to find out the connection between coffee and heart disease. According to the study, both men and women who are used to drink coffee more frequently tend to have the less percentage of heart disease than that of people who never drink or less.
Experts in the field of nutrition sciences commented that drinking coffee in moderation is good for most people. He added that it is not caffeine that does good but the antioxidants in the beverage. Antioxidants which are known to be good for heart can be easily found in fruits, wine, tea. Therefore drinking coffee that is decaffeinated is the best way to get antioxidants out of it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My hobbies....

Basically, I am not a type of person who is willing to spend his free time doing something
productive or to have all things under control. I would rather just chill out and literally
enjoy doing nothing.
however, I have a highly-recommending thing that I used to do in my free time.
i usually download the movie from the web site. Some people might insist that it should be
abandoned because it's against the law. But the thing is that i do pay for it ,though i still feel
guilty to the movie maker for a small amount of money that enables me to download.
anyway , the reason why I like it is for convenience . it would take only a few minutes which
is enough time for you to bring some snacks like pop corn or something that you are up for
eatting during the running time. for another reason, you can store it in your own computer and
you can enjoy it anytime you want. I am sure that most of you have some series of movie that deserve to be collective.
if you keep doing this, it's only a matter of time to be up on the latest movie.