Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If i could do anything in the world..

The first thing that pops out of my head is that I would become a super hero who works for the justice like superman or batman. I would get rid of every single evil things existing on the planet. It might sound a bit childish but I am still used to imagine myself to become invincible so that no one could even think of standing up against me. But that doesn't mean that I am up for fighting anyone who resists to me but there should be a proper reason why I give punishment to them. If i was on the verge of judging if it's rightful, I would take the decision made by majority into consideration.

The one that I would like to get rid of most is Kim Jung il. He has been the representative of north korea for guite a long time. And his presence is the only reason why korea has been divided into two parts. Besides , I feel sympathy for my brethren suffering from famine or being given away their whole life to an axis of evil. I am ready to assassinate him right now, if i were gifted as being overwhelmingly strong.

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