Monday, August 18, 2008

Coming out of closet???

It still makes me flabbergasted whenever I look back on the embarassing moment that happened to me just a few months ago.
I was in a club dancing with my friends. All of a sudden, It was a guy looking a bit masculine with
his hair shaved came up to me and tried to make a conversation with me.
At the beginning , I considered him as someone who is up for a joke and socializing with others.
But as time goes by , I felt something wrong was going on. And he wanted to buy me a beer.
Some mixed emotions swept over my body. meanwhile , it flashed on me that i was able
to take the advantage of him to quench my thirst.
I made every effort not to expose my real intention and I enjoyed a free beer.
Afterward, I felt awkward with him So i tried to keep a way from him.
Eventually, He wanted to keep in touch with me and asked for my cell phone number.
what would you think i have done?Of course, I gave him a wrong number and got out of the club
in a hurry. HAHAHAHA

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