Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tips for giving a good impression !! (good manners between man and woman)

Do you think it is hard to be considered as a nice guy? Here are some guidelines that could
be significantly helpful to those of whom are having troubles in creating a good impression.
The first thing I would like to suggest you is to initiate talking and break an ice , even though
you are facing with stranger. When you are talking, Try not to exaggerate yourself or what
you have done. It could make others think you as someone who likes to brag themselves
and content-free. Don't panic , even if you are at a loss for words. Just try to find something
in common and drive conversation in a comfortable mood.
For another thing , Keep up smiling and eye contact with others , when you are talking.
This seems like a tiny little thing but it is not that easy to act out indeed. once you make it
as a habitual thing, everyone would be willing to get along with you.
Last of all , Try not to find flaws or misdeed of others but find a good aspect of others.
If you happen to find something good of them , feel free to let them know of what they are
actually good at. The thing is that you don't need to be over the top but tell them exactly
what they are.
Several tips that I mentioned are likely to be done with ease in daily life. If you put those tips
into practice, you can be a man of good manners for sure.

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