Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Globalization effects

I used to live in Suwon , Korea. It is about 1 hour driving away from Seoul.
My home town is pretty much like Vancouver seemingly.
We've got public transportation , shopping mall , sky scrapper that can be
found easily in vancouver as well.

However if you go over it more carefully , you can find some differences
between them.

First of all , the number of high-rise buildings including apartment is way
more than that of vancouver. because we are running out of available spaces,
which roots in the small size of land field of korea.

For another thing, you can easily bump into a heavy traffic jam in Suwon.
Because the place i was living in belongs to one of a congested area.
One-fourth of entire population of korea flocks to Seoul and around.

It seems like Globalization forced us into living in one border line.
You can find "Star bucks" in any places across the world.
We are more likely to be much likeness between each other through Globalization,
meanwhile we all have common problems like air pollution, traffic jam,
stuff like that. Now it is time for us to come up with a common solution
to where we are having trouble with.

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